A cautionary tale

In 1981, a young Australian doctor named Barry Marshall used a microscope to detect Helicobacter pylori in stomach biopsies of gastric ulcer patients. We now know that this bacterium causes most stomach ulcers, and a simple round of antibiotics cures patients—at the time medicine was oblivious to this fact. Two very well written accounts of this story can be found here and here, including such gems as: “Guinea-pig doctor discovers new cure for ulcers” “They were talking about

Launch day!

I've been preparing The Malassezia Project website and videos for four months, and am glad it's finally done! This site is an accessible and simplified summary of the peer reviewed articles I've coauthored over the seven years that I've been working on this project. The two Crohn’s disease videos (brief introduction and full version) are up; many more videos are in production and will be released in the coming weeks. Logo: Oksana Vinokurova Animation: Draft stor